Words of Affirmation

Similarly to most young teenage girls lurking for inspiration, I have an underlying obsession with Pinterest. More specifically, I love to browse through countless outfit pictures, as well as the inspiring quotes that have the ability to boost my mood. Through this admiration of philosophical quotes, I’ve decided to write a few of my own inspiring messages. (Disclaimer: I am not a trained poet, I am simply writing for the fun of it and hope to inspire you.) Here are a few texts that relate to subjects such as life, love, art, addiction and home. Enjoy!


To Love is to feel free

To soar like a rocket ship

To keeps us grounded like a tree

To bind us and release us

To internalize and externalize

The energy of Love is universal.



Hold it close and don’t let go

Seize The hourglass

Nurture It, cuddle with it

Drop it, You might have shattered it

But no, it Stands

Ready for the rest of the journey



Don’t follow trends or the ideal beauty

So much is lost in conforming

Instead, Frolic in your authenticity

And you will see that you are growing


I Take the metro every day

And there you are

chainIng people like prisoners

Yet They have chosen you willingly

Light reflecting in their eyes

i guess you are safety When lonely






A niche containing my essence

the only jungle i know

this concrete community of dwellers

Contains the noise defining my home

the smog paves way

the immensity shakes my soul

Somewhere, along the paths of montreal

a niche containing my essence