Is it Worth It?: Ipsy Monthly Bag Subscription

Are you considering subscribing to Ipsy, but are wondering if it's even worth the money? Don't worry, I'm here to make that decision a little easier for youI was subscribed for a full year which means I got a total of twelve bags and 52 products. That may seem like a big number, but some of the products didn't work out and some were only for one time use. I'll be weighing the pros and cons that I found regarding the bags and help you figure out if Ipsy is right for you. 

Pros :

To start off, getting a bag at the beginning of every month feels like Christmas. Not only are you receiving a different style bag each month, but you'll also be getting 5 sample products to test out. Plus, your bag is customizable, which means you can mark in your profile if you prefer receiving skincare or makeup products. Ipsy allows you to discover foreign brands  and for ten dollars a month (fourteen if you're Canadian), you definitely get a bang for your buck.  Don't be fooled by the word sample. You receive pretty decent sized products that can last you for months.

Ipsy also allows you to expand your makeup collection. If you're a beauty fanatic that has trouble saving your money for things other than makeup (guilty), Ipsy is a great low cost alternative too regular visits at Sephora. You receive a wide variety of products ranging from lipsticks to concealers, brushes to highlighters. Needless to say that your makeup collection will definitely increase in size and you'll have access to more options the next time you get ready. The best part is that Ipsy is basically psychic. At times, I would randomly think: "I really need a highlighting brush" and the next thing you know, I received one in my bag!

On Ipsy's website, you can receive discounts towards some amazing products. For instance, you can purchase products from brands such as Smashbox, Too Faced and Benefit that are half off. You can also accumulate points in order to receive free sample products. All you have to do is review your glam bag once you've tested out all of the products and voilà, you can start earning  points. The items you receive in your monthly bags rely on these reviews. Lets say you give a great review to a liquid lipstick, chances are you'll receive another. It's your way of giving feedback to the company and allowing them to create a bag with products you'll love inside. 


Some of my favs

Ipsy allowed me to receive a large variety of products. Some of my favorites are:

-It cosmetics concealer

-Smashbox liquid lipstick

-Luna highlighter

-Pop beauty eye-brow pencil

-Tarte Blush

-Slmissglam tapered Highlighting brush 


When receiving  either a foundation or concealer, some shade matches won't be accurate. In your profile, you have to precisely say if your skin tone is either fair, medium or tan. Since there are only three options for your skin color, this often leads to inaccuracy in the shade you receive. This can be frustrating since everyone has different undertones and don't fit in the three shade mold. However, during the year I was subscribed, I received two concealers which were targeted for medium skin tone and they matched pretty well. It's a hit or miss when it come to shade accuracy.

Sadly, not every product you receive will work for you. There are countless items that I gave away to family and friends since not every product was my cup of tea.  Out of the five products that I would receive, usually two of them wouldn't work out. That being said, it really just depends on your tastes and your standards. Most items are amazing and useful, but there will always be some meh products in your bag.

Some items can only be used once. This comment is mostly geared towards sheet masks since I received a lot of those. If you don't mind having one of your 5 products end up being one sheet mask, then it's no problem. However, many could think it's a ripe off.



In all honesty, I loved my Ipsy glam bags. If you're willing to spend a little money each month, you won't be disappointed with what you're getting. Some of my ride-or-die products have come from these bags and I can guarantee you will squirm with joy every time you get your hand on your products. I truly hope this post was helpful!


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Virtual hugs to all♡♡♡