Graduate In Style


Do you remember the very FIRST day you went to school? I remember mine as if it was yesterday. I remember being petrified and begging my mom NOT to leave me in this building where my brain would soon be overwhelmed with stress and also love. I remember seeing some girls that would soon become some of my closest friends twelve years later. I remember a lot about my first day at school. However, I never thought that 12 years later I would be graduating from the exact same school, but here we are, finally crossing the finish line!

Calm on the outside, EXCITED ON THE INSIDE!!

Calm on the outside, EXCITED ON THE INSIDE!!

Fun fact, I actually had a physic exam the SAME DAY as my graduation. It felt as though they were going to keep us hostage forever. After my exam, I had to run home and get ready in under an hour! Anyways, I can gladly say that I made it. (with stellar grades, may I add ;)

The dress I wore is from Zara and it was surprisingly the first dress I saw  when I walked in the store (must have been faith). In all honesty, the dress was a bit of a hassle to get on since there were a billion strings to tie in order to wrap it around your body. However, I got many compliments on it and I was truly in love with the kimono prints and color scheme. As for shoes, these pointy nude slip-ons matched perfectly with the dress. By the end of the night, my feet were soar and had a few blisters, but it was definitely worth it.


Dress: Not available anymore, but here's a similar item


Gold Hoops

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Virtual hugs to all ♡♡♡ 


As today has ended and tomorrow not even begun, twelve years at this school have been the most fun!


Graduating from high school is surreal. I never thought I would get too this point in my life this quickly. To everyone who is going through a long learning experience, keep your chin up, even after you have flunked an exam, and keep on hustling. At times, you might want to give up, but remember that after all the struggles, you're often lead to something far more rewarding. Surround yourself with great people and as soon as you know it, it'll all be over. Here's to all the great memories that high school had to offer!