Californian Adventures

Travelling can be a fun, yet stressful experience. Up until I was Seventeen (which is my current age), I had never roamed the globe without my parents. While social media depicts travel as a fun and enjoyable experience, traveling alone can be nerve racking. Luckily, I wasn’t all alone since I had my bestie traveling with me! During our winter break from school, we visited California where our other bestie is currently living. All three of us grew up as an inseparable trio and it was only fitting to visit our long-distant best-friend. I managed to travel on my own due to my part-time job as well as the convenience of being lodged by someone familiar to my parents. I can say that visiting our friend was the funnest experience of my entire break and I can’t wait to travel to many more places in the future with these babes.


Travelling obviously involves money. However, being lodged by a friend or family member drastically diminishes the price of my trip. One tip I would recommend to any first-time traveler is doing your research regarding flight tickets, as well as lodging information. There are several apps that can be used in order to find the cheapest flights, such as hopper and cheap fare guru. Our round trip flight ended up being around 600$, which is a good price considering it was a direct flight with Air Canada. I’ll be honest, I was nervous travelling alone since I had never really paid attention when at the airport since it’s usually my dad or brother that organised and guides our trips. Luckily, the airport is not hard to navigate and our travel experience was perfect all around.

What we did in California

As teenage BFF’s, we spent our days catching up, eating and sleeping. In Los Angeles, we went to a Lakers game, where we saw Lebron James!!!! Well, we didn’t actually meet him, but we saw him sitting on the sidelines since he was injured and couldn’t play that night *sniff. We also did some shopping at a thrift shop called St Vincent de Paul, and explored downtown L.A. We got to watch the notorious Californian sunset on multiple occasions (in L.A and Santa Barbara) and it was breathtaking. We also got to celebrate New Years all together, which has been an on-going tradition in our friend group for years now. In Santa Barbara, we got around either by walking around or taking the bus. It wasn’t too big of a town, which allowed us to get from places relatively quickly. However, Los Angeles is a giant city and if you are visiting for more than a day, I would recommend renting a car. Unlike New York or Montreal, the driving culture in Los Angeles is prominent, implying that not many people travel by foot.


What to Pack

All three of us ended up borrowing each others clothes almost everyday. For the most part, we ended up wearing basics, such as leggings and t-shirts, yet we did occasionally dress up. One tip I would give to any frequent flyer is to roll your clothes in your suitcase instead of folding them. This method allows you to fit more clothes for your travels and makes it easier to pick them out instead of rummaging through piles and creating a mess. As for my carry-on, bringing a neck-pillow, hand-sanitizer and headphones are a few essentials I always need to have during a flight.

The picture below was taken during the sunset on Mullholland drive. Due to the bright shirt I’m wearing, it does seem like I’m a native Floridian . I paired my bright touristic tee with a pair of corduroy culottes from Forever 21 and my brown vintage belt is from a local thrift store in Montreal called Eva B. *Also, notice how my hand looks painfully contortion, like what is going there?!?


The outfit above is what I ended up wearing to the Lakers game. This outfit was edgier than my everyday style and made me feel like a boss. I also paid a professional hairstylist to do my hair. JK, my hair looks as if it was done professionally, but it was actually my talented bestie who was able to create a high ponytail with a french braid down the center. My basic black top is from Zara and my pants are from I.AM.GIA (got them off Princess Polly in the sale section). The pointed booties were kindly lent to me by my other bestie and made me look extra tall.

Our vacation was filled with adventure, deep talks and hilarious moments. I grew up with these two by my side since i was a kid and our bound has never been stronger. I love these girls to death, and their happiness greatly contributes to mine. Vero and Liv, keep on being amazing humans!! Wow, that got all sappy fairly quickly. Anyways, hope my travels will inspire yours!

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