5 Tips for Managing School, Work and Life

Life can feel as if a flood of responsibilities are drowning you on a daily basis. Believe me, I have been in situations where I feel as if the whole world is crumbling and because of this, I adopt a negative mindset. Starting College, having a part-time job and balancing a social life, seems like a tedious task, but with the right mindset and time management skills, it’s easier than it might seem. This post will provide you with the simplest tips to managing all of your never ending tasks and have helped me make it through my first term of College without killing myself in the process.


Planning might seem evident and self-explanatory, yet having a place where you can write down your upcoming tasks and events on a daily basis will allow you to precisely know your upcoming responsibilities and serve asaconstant memory box. Owning a planner will greatly improve your time management skills and make you feel on top of your stuff! Plus, if you are an aesthetic and artistic individual, you can create your own bullet journal and customize every month to your liking. Basically, planner = more organised = less time to worry = HAPPIER PERSON!!! If you are not a planner type of person, but have a tendency of forgetting things, post-its are another alternative to reminding yourself of tasks and due dates.


Time Blocking

Are you an expert procrastinator? Do you ever tell yourself: “I’ll wait till seven” and then when it’s 7:01, you tell yourself “Well, now I gotta wait till eight”? SAME HERE! One tip to avoiding leaving everything for the last minute is time blocking. Each day, tell yourself how much time you’ll put into doing one thing, turn off all distractions, and JUST DO IT. Time blocking a certain hour for a specific task allows you to rapidly get things done and avoid sporadically working on a number of things. You will need a good amount of discipline in order to complete tasks in your assigned time, yet if you remind yourself of the time you will be saving and turn of all distractions, you will efficiently be able to complete your work. However, allow yourself to take fifteen minute breaks since they are necessary in rejuvenating your mind and decompressing.

Get Out of Your House

Whether you go to a coffee shop or a local library, getting work done outside of your home benefits your productivity. Time goes by quicker when you change your environment and you get stuff done efficiently since you can’t run to your kitchen and distract yourself in the comfort of your own home. Getting outside also implies having hobbies, a job and chatting with friends. Managing your time so you can do other things besides work is essential in keeping up your productivity and not burning yourself out. Planning get-togethers, working out or watching a movie are some of the few things you can do to increase your happiness and distract yourself from reality from time to time. Experiencing the world is what we are meant to do, so don’t be hard on yourself if you rather plan activities with friends then isolating yourself and work all day.


What is the Art of Living?

You decide, It’s your philosophy

Manage Your Mental Health

Planning and discipline are only half of the equation when it comes to life since living life to its fullest is purely subjective. Therefore, in order to make your life less stressful and hectic, we must tell ourselves that life is not in fact stressful, but merely full of endless possibilities. Life is only crazy if you make it crazy. This might seem hard to believe, yet shifting your mindset and outlook on life is pivotal in making life beautiful. Managing your mental health is a broad tip, which implies adopting different tactics to enhancing your well-being. Whether it be visiting a therapist, having a pamper session or meditating in your bedroom, whatever clears your head from negative and draining thoughts must be practiced. Talking to your friends and family can also improve your well-being and reinforce connections. I am no expert regarding mental health, yet I want to encourage you, the reader, to seek help if you truly feel discouraged or hopeless. Know that moments are temporary and bright days are to come no matter the situation. Your perspective on life is created solely by you, therefore you must change your outlook in order to better manage your time and your well-being.



My parents have always been my strongest support system and I could not have gotten through some of the most difficult times without them. They have seen me at my absolute best, but also during my lowest lows. Back when I was a stressful gal, my dad always told me to breath. Breathing was his biggest tip he could give me aside from comforting me and giving me a shoulder to lean on. “Deep breath’s mammita” he would say, and thanks to his guidance I have used his advice ever since. Breathing is the simplest ways to keep yourself grounded and clear your head. It reminds us that we are alive and well, and that moments are simply blips in time. I am sure there is a whole science behind breathing exercises, but I am no expert in that field. Therefore, I can only encourage you to breath whenever your feeling overwhelmed in order to fully clear your mind.

Life is full of endless possibilities. I am sure you already know that, yet reminding yourself not to take reactions or outcomes to seriously will ease your mind. Our brains are constantly processing the world and its your duty to occasionally cancel out all of its noise. Stay consistent and organized, and do your best. You can do anything, but not everything, therefore don’t tire yourself out. I hope this post allowed you learned simple ways to managing your crazy, yet beautiful life.