About Mariana's Take

Ever since I came out of my mother's womb, I've been obsessed with anything fashion or beauty related. I've watched SO many YouTube videos overtime that I basically know all the beauty guru slang. Anyways, with platforms such as YouTube and Instagram growing at a rapid paste, I was inspired at a young age to dabble into makeup and throw on creative outfits. Sometimes, I would even pretend to be talking to a camera while doing my makeup in front of my mirror. Sad, right?

Overtime, I had established that I wanted to create an outlet were I could let my creative juices flow. I love photography, writing and creating and luckily blogging encompasses all of those things! 

The name of my blog was partially inspired by my brother. He, knowing I have a strong opinion with anything fashion or beauty oriented, would jokingly ask me: "What's Mariana's take on...?" 

Anything that comes to my mind, I write here. Well, not everything. This is were I try make an impact one post at a time. To all you lovely human beings out there, I truly hope you enjoy my blog.